3 MARCH 2022

Booking Guarantee

The Procurex Booking with Confidence Guarantee gives you peace of mind and allowing you to plan and prepare for your participation at Scotland’s leading public procurement & supply chain event.

Should the event have to be rescheduled due to the ongoing pandemic your booking will be transferred to the rescheduled date.  Should that date not be suitable you will be provided with a credit note* which can be used for the next live event date, or any other BIP service and is valid until 30th April 2022.

This guarantee is applicable to any new bookings received before Thursday 12 August.

* payment for all events is due on receipt of invoice as per standard terms.  If the event is rescheduled you will still be responsible for payment and a credit note will be issued once payment is received

We are 100% committed to ensuring that you feel comfortable about booking for and participating at Procurex Scotland 2021. If you would like any further details on our ‘Booking with Confidence Guarantee”, please view our full terms and conditions or simply contact us directly